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Brand: Maco
2 hook 2 roller high security multipoint lock system by Maco, suitable for use on UPVC, timber and composite doors. This unit has 2 forged steel hook bolts, 2 rollers, a single spindle and a centre case with a 28mm or 35mm backset & 92mm centres. Forged steel hooks 16mm faceplate ..
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Brand: Maco
This Maco Multipoint is a 1 piece locking mechanism consisting of a latch, deadbolt and 4 rollers. 16mm Faceplate Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt Single Spindle Centres: 92mm Backset: 28 or 35mm - (45mm special order) Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then ..
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Brand: Maco
This non handed Slave door lock from Maco includes a C-TS centre section which allows for lever handle operation on the slave leaf of double doors. This unit has a total length of 1500mm to fit French doors, and shootbolts can be fitted to the top and bottom to secure the slave sash in place. With a..
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Brand: Maco
This Maco C-TS stable door lock allows both halves of the door to be opened as one. It consists of a latch and deadbolt lock for the top half of the door with a separate hook locking point, and a key operated deadbolt lock for the bottom half with a separate hook locking point. The lever operated to..
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Brand: Maco
Reverse Action In-Line or R.A.I.L. and Reach 2 cam espag rod by Maco with a 20mm backset, 7mm spindle and 16mm wide faceplate. 7.7mm Cam Height 16mm wide faceplate 20mm Backset Reverse Action In-Line & Reach 7mm Spindle Length Options: 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm..
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Brand: Maco
A range of inline 22mm backset espag rods to allow the operation of a window when used with a suitable handle 500 Hours Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Adjustable Mushroom Cams In-line Eurogroove Fitting Night Vent Position 19mm Cam Travel Spindle: 7mm Mushroom Cams: 2 (3 on 1000mm..
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Brand: Maco
Standard action inline shootbolt attachment to suit Maco multipoint locks. Inline shootbolt attachment Standard action To suit Maco multipoint locks Options: 120mm Inline Shootbolt  300mm Inline Shootbolt 300mm Inline Shootbolt With Cam..
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Brand: Maco
Old style locks are not interchangeable with newer versions so please examine the photographs carefully. Please be aware that there have been 4 different styles of maco case and they do not interchange with each other Single Spindle Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt Centre Gear..
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Brand: Maco
Lever operated latch gearbox from Maco with a single spindle, Euro profile lockcase, 35mm backset and 92mm centres. Euro profile lock case Push button latch release Single spindle..
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Brand: Maco
This Maco M-TS bluetooth module plugs directly in to the motor and enables smart phone locking functions via the downloadable Instinct app. Quick & easy mobile access solution Compatible with the Maco Instinct app to enable smart phone locking control of the door Connects directly to M..
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Brand: Maco
Maco M-TS clip on cable transition available in different lengths. Suitable for profiles with 4mm and 12mm air gap. Choice of length Clip on cable transition Suitable for profiles with 4mm and 12mm air gaps..
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Brand: Maco
Maco M-TS sensor magnet to suit motorised centre strike on UPVC doors. For use with motorised strike on UPVC doors Magnet sensor 13mm Eurogroove..
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