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Eff 14 and 34 Series 12V Mortice Releases, EFF 76 Series 12V DC Mortice Release Monitored, Eff 17 Series Upvc 12V DC Mortice Release, Eff Penta 76 Dual Voltage 12 24V Mortice Release

Brand: Eff Eff
Mortice Fail locked or unlocked electric release Operation: Fail Locked or Fail Unlocked Voltage: 12V AC or 12V DC Current: 12V AC = 0.6A - 12V DC = 0.2A Holding Force: 545kg/1200lbs 12V DC - continuously rated Low/Medium duty SIZES: Face Plate 150mm - Face Plate Width 25m..
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Brand: Eff Eff
Eff 76 12V DC Monitored Release Fail Locked or Unlocked Voltage: 12V DC Current: 0.2A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Continuously rated Adjustable Jaw Single monitored C/NO/NC contacts - latch position Medium Duty SIZES: Face Plate Height 201mm - Face Plate Width 36mm ..
Ex Tax:£203.67
Brand: Eff Eff
Designed for UPVC  & Sashlock applications  Operation: Fail Locked Voltage: 12V DC Current: 0.5A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Designed for UPVC Applications Continuously rated Adjustable Jaw This Release is handed: Left or Right Right hand version shown in ou..
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Brand: Eff Eff
Designed for heavy duty applications Fitting Mortice Operation: Field selectable fail locked/fail unlocked operation Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC Current: 12V AC = 0.21A - 12V DC = 0.22A - 24V AC =0.1A - 24V DC =0.11A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Designed for heavy duty applications ..
Ex Tax:£295.41
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