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Eff Eff

Brand: Eff Eff
Mortice Fail locked or unlocked electric release Operation: Fail Locked or Fail Unlocked Voltage: 12V AC or 12V DC Current: 12V AC = 0.6A - 12V DC = 0.2A Holding Force: 545kg/1200lbs 12V DC - continuously rated Low/Medium dutySIZES: ..
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Brand: Eff Eff
Eff 76 12V DC Monitored Release Fail Locked or Unlocked Voltage: 12V DC Current: 0.2A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Continuously rated Adjustable Jaw Single monitored C/NO/NC contacts - latch position Medium DutySIZES: ..
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Brand: Eff Eff
Designed for UPVC applications  Operation: Fail Locked Voltage: 12V DC Current: 0.5A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Designed for UPVC Applications Continuously rated Adjustable Jaw This Release is handed: Left or Right Right hand..
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Brand: Eff Eff
Designed for heavy duty applications Fitting Mortice Operation: Field selectable fail locked/fail unlocked operation Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC Current: 12V AC = 0.21A - 12V DC = 0.22A - 24V AC =0.1A - 24V DC =0.11A Holding Force: 675kg/1500lbs Designed fo..
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