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Solenoid Bolts

Surface Mounted Solenoid Bolt With Glass Mounting Kit, Monitored Solenoid Bolts, Solenoid Electric Bolts, 2 Piece Solenoid Bolt Surface Housing

Brand: Abloy
The Eff Eff 351U80 solenoid lock from Abloy is designed for the locking of single and double swing action doors. It comes complete with a faceplate, is fail unlocked and is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation in the door frame or in the door leaf. Monitoring contact and armature c..
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Brand: Adams Rite
The ADAMS RITE 1391-1042 Solenoid Bolt is used to facilitate the remote access and exit control of steel, timber and aluminium doors and is suitable for both single and double action doors. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally and features a stainless steel deadbolt with a 16mm throw and a h..
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Brand: Alpro
A two part surface housing set designed to be used with the Alpro solenoid bolts. One part for the lock body the other part for the armature/keeper Supplied as 1 pair For DB25 and EB250 Solinoid Bolts Options: To Suit EB250 To Suit DB25..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro DB25 incorporates the latest design innovations to be applied to the manufacture of a transverse action Deadlocking Solenoid Bolt. This Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous op..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro DB250KO deadlocking key override bolt offers the same functionality as the standard DB25 deadlocking bolt with provision for a europrofile cylinder as a means of mechanical override.  The slimline design of the DB250KO enables fixing into very narrow sections. An advanced microprocess..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro EB1001 electric bolt allows for remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors. It is suitable for sliding or swing, single and double action operations. It can be fitted in the frame or in the door and comes with plug in LED bolt indicator as standard. The EB1001 ele..
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The ICS EB200 mortice electric drop bolt is suitable for aluminium, timber or steel doors. It features an auto re-locking timer delay of 0 ,3, 6 or 9 seconds and is tested to 500,000 cycles. Horizontal or vertical installation Fail safe - Power to lock Operating voltage 12v DC Holding Fo..
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The FR-EB300 Solenoid Bolt from ICS is Fire Rated to BS EN 1634 and is suitable for FD30 and FD60 applications. Tested to 500,000 cycles, this is a reliable bolt which is fail unlocked and features an auto-relocking timer delay of 0, 3, 6 and 9 seconds. Tested to 500,000 cycles Auto-relockin..
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The ICS EB300 electric drop bolt is surface mounted. It features an auto re-locking timer delay of 0 ,3, 6 or 9 seconds and is tested to 500,000 cycles. Comes complete with glass mounting kit. Complete with glass mounting kit Fail-Safe Version (Power to Lock) Operating Voltage: 12 VDC Vo..
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