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Samuel Heath

Brand: Samuel Heath
Perkomatic® offers the ultimate in uncontrolled concealed door closing devices, with outstanding performance and excellent durability. Housed in a lightweight aluminium casing, the hydraulic mechanism can be easily adjusted to provide the desired latching action for each application, whilst the p..
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Brand: Samuel Heath
Perko Powermatic R100 is one of the world’s most advanced controlled, concealed door closers. This reliable unit possesses many unique features that make it an ideal choice for both fire and non-fire door applications in social housing, hotels, educational and healthcare facilities. Suitable f..
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Brand: Samuel Heath
Perko® is the original concealed door closer, offering an economic means of providing automatic closing. Solid brass round anchor plates, powder coated mechanism housing and precision-engineered chain add to its appeal. Fire Tested: incorporated in doors that were tested to BS476 part 22 1987...
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