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Adjustable Furniture Lock Striking Plate Adjustable Furniture Lock Striking Plate
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Brand: SKS
Adjustable Furniture Lock Striking Plate for furniture and cam locks..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Brand: SKS
Suitable for inserting photos, advertising, addresses etc Insert size 35mm x 45mm..
Ex Tax:£2.00
Brand: SKS
Karabiner Key Holder With Key Ring Assorted Bright aluminium colours Sizes available: 50mm or 75mm THIS PRODUCT MUST NOT BE USED FOR CLIMBING PURPOSES..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Brand: SKS
Ideal Method of Securing  a Spare Key Underneath your Car by using a Strong Magnet CA46F Version - You can fit a NEW Style Transponder Key inside VERSIONS: CA046 - Small - External 74mm Long x 46mm Wide x 15mm High - Internal 68mm x 37mm x 12mm CA046B - Large - External ..
Ex Tax:£3.74
Brand: SKS
Metal Retractable Key Reel Large Metal retractable key chain on reel 52mm Diameter x 400mm long chain with belt trouse clip Finish: Chrome Plated..
Ex Tax:£9.50
Brand: SKS
Radiator Bleed Keys Options: Brass with black head or Alloy..
Ex Tax:£1.00
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