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This Asec Reset Key is made to suit dual unit and call point emergency door release products. Sold as a pack of 10, this product is an essential addition to any purchase of RGL and Asec call points. To suit Asec and RGL Resettable Emergency Door Release / Call Point Reset your door..
Ex Tax:£15.90
This mounting bracket is designed for use with the RGL electro magnetic gate lock (L33545) and is available as L shape for outward opening gates or Z & L shape for inward opening gates. Designed for use with the RGL electro magnetic gate lock Z bracket allows 20mm maximum adjustment Fi..
Ex Tax:£16.25
RGL Dual Unit Combined Exit Button and Call Point is a neat, tidy and clearly labelled exit solution, with a push to make / push to break function. It is fully resettable using the reset key, and features and LED indication and selectable warning sound. Triple Pole LED Indication Dual unit..
Ex Tax:£34.11
This electro magnetic lock from RGL is weatherproof, making it ideal for external applications such as on gates. It is suitable for either side fixing or face fixing and has a holding force of 545Kg with a 12v/24v dual voltage. This magnet is monitored and supplied complete with a 500mm cable as wel..
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Green plastic emergency door release call point by RGL Electronics is double pole and fully resettable using the reset key, featuring both buzzer and LED indications as well as a protective plastic cover. Double Pole 12 or 24V DC Protective front cover Greater than 1m operations Resett..
Ex Tax:£20.89
This protective cover from RGL is designed to be used with external buttons and measures 100mm(H) x 100mm(W) x 120mm(D). The extra deep enclosure provides easy operation and helps prevent unwanted activation, whilst protecting an exit button from exposure to the elements. Wear resistant etched..
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