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Mila Hardware

Spring loaded restrictor to allow a 50mm air gap.Releasable arm if required. Studs sold separate for different stack heights...
Ex Tax:£6.00
Spare key for MILA Window Handles Mila WK24/1 Window Key From R & R Security  Stamped B101 on reverse ..
Ex Tax:£3.00
This Winlock Patio Bump Stop with concealed screw fixings is to be fitted horizontally and is available in a range of finishes.Concealed screw fixingsFitted horizontallyManufactured in the UK..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Slim and elegant aluminium letterbox suitable for use on most types of residential door.  Telescopic sleeve set, min. aperture size 36mm, max. aperture size 70mm Matching frame and flap Closed cell foam pads for draught sealing Available in White or Gold fini..
Ex Tax:£25.00
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