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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 285 is designed for rebated double doors. Supplied as a complete package containing the panic latch (296), a panic bolt (294) and a box keep (300), the 285 is non handed and has 3 locking points. It is Certifire approved and meets BS EN 1125. The fittings supplied as standard are to suit ..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 294 panic bolt is designed for single doors and is fitted with an anti-thrust device, which prevents leverage of both the top and bottom shoot bolts from their sockets. The 294 is non handed with 2 locking points. It is Certifire approved and meets BS EN 1125, and the fittings supplied as..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 296 panic latch is designed for single and double doors. The unit is operated by pushing the cross bar downwards to enable a quick exit in panic situations. The 296 is non handed and is supplied with an adaptor for use with a rim cylinder (not supplied) for outside access. It is Certifire..
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Brand: Exidor
Conforms to BS-EN179 for use in areas accessed by the public where a panic situation is not foreseen in an emergency. Supplied non handed they have a reversible latch making it suitable for both left and right applications. Supplied with fixings for either metal or wooden doors Conforms to..
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Brand: Exidor
This 302EA Knob Operated Outside Access Device from Exidor is supplied without a cylinder but features an aperture designed to take a 40mm euro profile cylinder. This device is suitable for use with both timber and metal doors which are up to 45mm thick. Suitable for use with the Exidor 200 & 30..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 322SE, also known as 322EC, is a lever operated outside access device that meets the dimensional requirements of BS8300 and approved Document “M” (DDA). The unit is non handed and comes supplied with a 45mm euro profile cylinder and 3 keys. It is suitable for use with the Exidor 200 and 3..
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Exidor 3470 Electro-Magnetic Floor Spring (Body Only) Exidor 3470 Electro-Magnetic Floor Spring (Body Only)
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 3470 electro magnetic floor spring is ideal for use in hotel and hospital corridors, where doors need to be held in normal use. The hold open function can be linked to the building's fire alarm system to release and close the door when the alarm is activated, by cutting the power to the s..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 400 is a surface mounted touch bar panic latches for wooden or steel, single and double door applications, including fire doors. The 400 is suitable for doors up to 900mm wide. Simply pushing the touch bar provides safe and speedy exit in panic situations, whilst the p..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 406B is a centre latch keep for use with the Exidor 400 series panic latches and three point panic bolts when fitted on rebated double doors or single flush faced doors and frames. Material: Diecast aluminium For use on rebated double doors or single flush faced doors and frames ..
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Brand: Exidor
Outside Access device from Exidor provides a locking entry facility for doors fitted with Exidor 400 Series Touch-Bar Panic equipment. This device allows immediate exit with the Outside Access Device either locked or unlocked. Suitable for doors up to 55mm thick Complete with Euro cylinder ..
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Brand: Exidor
Exidor 525EC is supplied with a 45mm euro profile cylinder and 3 keys. Suitable for use with Exidor 500 series bolts and latches, the 525EC offers access from the outside of the door. The lever is also fully interchangeable with the alternative knob operator. Reversible CE Marked for safety ..
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Brand: Exidor
The Exidor 704B/30 surface mounted four point panic bolt is suitable for use on outward opening single doors. This reversible unit features an automatic top trip mechanism bolt and an anti-thrust mechanism in both the centre and lower bolts, making it suitable for use on high security applications. ..
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