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Aldridge Security

A simple square metal sleeve slides over a 5mm spindle to increase the width to 8mm. Metal Construction Easy To Fit Converts 5mm Spindle to 8mm..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Fits Dad range of post boxes as well as a wide range of other makes A 15mm cranked cam camlock to suit various post boxes. Horseshoe fixing 2 keys                                   ..
Ex Tax:£13.76
These Aldridge heavy duty rollers are sold in pairs and offer smooth performance. They have a self levelling mechanism , based on pressure, that ensures the weight is evenly distributed across all the wheels and accommodates for imperfections in the door or track. Self levelling mechanism to e..
Ex Tax:£40.83
These countersunk self-drill screws from Rapierstar are suitable for fixing hardware to reinforced UPVC. For reinforced UPVC Countersunk screw head for flush finish Self drill tip Quantity: 500 or 1000 Finish: Zink Plated..
Ex Tax:£15.58
These countersunk gimlet point screws with fast PVC thread are suitable for fixing hardware to UPVC. For non-reinforced UPVC Phillips head Countersunk head for flush finish Sharp point (not self drilling)..
Ex Tax:£14.98
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