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These U bracket gravity hinges are designed for cubicle doors and are non handed. The wrap around U bracket style creates a stronger fixing and they are adjustable fall open/fall closed Supplied as a pair U Bracket Style for stronger fixing 13 or 20mm board Lift off T nuts and woodscr..
Ex Tax:£37.38
The Asec palister turn with buffers and emergency coin release indicator is suitable for use on 13mm or 20mm thick overlapping doors. Vacant / Engaged indicator Complete with emergency coin release Pilaster turn & indicator Reversible Concealed bolt through fixings Suitable for u..
Ex Tax:£31.99
Bolt, nut and countersunk woodscrew fixings to suit Cubicle Gravity Hinge. Available in two varieties to suit either 13mm or 20mm boards. Variants to suit 13mm or 20mm board Kit Includes: 8 x M5 bolts, 8 x M5 T nuts and 4 countersunk woodscrews..
Ex Tax:£9.00
Slide Indicator so it can be easily operated with a clenched fist for DDA Coin release on indicator for easy access in an emergency Is suitable for 13mm and 20mm board Concealed fix which adds to the aesthetics and makes it harder to vandalise Red and white indicator which is a better co..
Ex Tax:£36.00
Toilet indicator screw & spindle set for wide door applications, cut to size required. Spindle: 4.7mm Square, 60mm length x 1 Screws: M4, 70mm Length x 2  ..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Lever Action Toilet Cubical Indicator Bolt. Suitable for 13mm and 20mm board - (for thicker board see related products for londer fixings) Concealed bolt through fixings supplied Size: 76mm Long x 42mm High. Handed: Left Or Right Please State When Ordering. Finishes Available: Sat..
Ex Tax:£45.22
Toilet Cubical Indicator keep for Inward Opening Doors Only Available for 13mm or 20mm board To be used with surface fix indicator bolts for open in doors Use with 2 No. T950 8mm rubber door buffers Wood Screws Supplied Available for 13mm or 20mm board Clean Lines With Rounded C..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Gravity hinge for toilet cubical doors Size: 80mm High x 75mm Wide Handed: Left Or Right Please (Specify When Ordering) Supplied as a Pair Can be adjusted on site to hold open or hold closed (No Fixings Supplied See T170 (13mm) or T190 (20mm) This hinge will suit both 13mm or 20mm bo..
Ex Tax:£26.95
Material : Black Nylon Suitable for all board types To be used with indicator bolts. T950 for open in doors T951 for open out doors Wood Screws Supplied..
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U-Shaped Cubicle Keep to be used in conjunction with the Cubicle Indicator bolt on "open out" or flush fitting doors. This keep comes supplied with the necessary fixings and is suitable for use on 13mm or 20mm board Toilet Cubical U Shaped Keep Suitable for 13mm and 20mm board To be used w..
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