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AGB 2 Hook 3 Roller Latch & Deadbolt AGB 2 Hook 3 Roller Latch & Deadbolt
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Brand: AGB
Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt 2 Hooks 3 Rollers Centres: 92mm Backset: 30mm Faceplate Width: 16mm  2 x Hooks 3 x Rollers 16mm Faceplate Weight: 2.1 kgOperation:Locking: Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then one full turn of..
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Brand: AGB
AGB Latch Deadbolt with 2 Poseidon BoltsAGB locks are made in Italy and while relatively uncommon in the UK market their locking positions are generally unique. The Poseidon lock features unique hook boxes. Backset: 35mm Faceplate: 16mmOperationLever/Lever Push in the lat..
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