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Lever Cut Cupboard Locks

1, 2, 3 and 4 lever Cut Cupboard Locks

Supplied c/w thread escutcheon & strike plateWillenhall locks CT5/X35 Backset    24mm Weight    240g..
Ex Tax:£65.00
Brand: Asec
Cut Cupboard Lock 1 LeverKeys Supplied: 1 Finish: BrassNot Reversable - Hand Must Be Stated (See Images)Backset = Edge of Lock to Center of Key HoleSize:Left Hand - Height 64mm, Width 35mm, Depth 8mm, Backset 16mm Right Hand - Height 64mm, Width 35mm, Depth 8mm, Bacse..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Brand: Asec
Asec 2 Lever Till Lock2 Levers 1 Way Keyhole  2 Keys Per Lock DIMENSIONS: 50mm - Height 38mm Depth 9mm Backset 16mm  64mm - Height 44mm Depth 10mm Backset 21mm..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Brand: Asec
Asec 61 4 Lever Cut Cupboard LockNot reversible - handing must be stated when ordering (See Image) 4 Lever 2 Way Keyhole  2 Keys Per LockDIMENSIONS: 64mm - Height 64mm - Depth 10mm - Backset 16mm 75mm - Height 75mm - Depth 11mm - Backset 19mm..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Brand: Asec
The Asec 4 Lever Brass Cut Cupboard Lock is for use in applications where the edge of the drawer is cut out to take the lock making it fit flush for a neat finish.For use on furniture where there is a cut-out for the lock Supplied with 2 keys 4 Lever 2 Way Keyhole  Not reversible..
Ex Tax:£27.00
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