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Letter Cages

Letter Cage Large, Letter Cage Medium, Letter Cage Small, Mailguard HomeGUARD Letterbox Safety Device

Brand: A Harvey
Large Letter CageHeight: 457mm Width: 330mm Depth: 203mmOPTION:L00023 - Electro Brass 10366 - White L13006 - Chrome..
Ex Tax:£23.23
Brand: A Harvey
Medium Letter CageHeight: 355mm Width: 255mm Depth: 157mmOPTION:6921 - Electro Brass 6934 - White L13005 - Chrome..
Ex Tax:£11.55
Brand: A Harvey
Small Letter GageHeight: 305mm Width: 228mm Depth: 127mmOPTION:6925 - Electro Brass 6931 - White L13004 - Chrome..
Ex Tax:£15.98
Brand: MailGUARD
Safety device by MailGUARD specifically designed to protect homes against potentially damaging products that can enter the premises by being inserted through the letter box such as fireworks & liquids. The HomeGUARD will also protect mail against unwanted attention from inside the house, such as..
Ex Tax:£75.00
Brand: MailGUARD
Safety device by HomeGUARD specifically designed to improve home safety against burglary and protect post from unwanted attention from inside the house, such as that of dogs and small children. Note: This will not prevent determined mad dogs with sharp teeth or naughty children with sharp objects fr..
Ex Tax:£45.00
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