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Cubical Door Keeps & Buffers

Toilet Cubical U Shaped Keeps, Toilet Deluxe Cubicle Box Keep Buffers, Toilet cubicle Indicator Bolt Angle Keeps, Rubber Door Buffers, Toilet Cubicle Screw & Spindle Sets

Toilet indicator screw & spindle set for wide door applications, cut to size required.Spindle: 4.7mm Square, 60mm length x 1 Screws: M4, 70mm Length x 2 ..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Toilet Cubical Indicator keep for Inward Opening Doors OnlyAvailable for 13mm or 20mm board To be used with surface fix indicator bolts for open in doors Use with 2 No. T950 8mm rubber door buffers Wood Screws Supplied Available for 13mm or 20mm board Clean Lines With Rounded C..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Duluxe Cubical Keep for Open In Doors OnlyTo be used with surface fix indicator bolts, open in doors Satin Stainless or Polished Stainless Finishes Available Please Specify When Ordering Can Be Used With 13mm or 20mm Partion Board Please specify When Ordering..
Ex Tax:£15.50
Material : Black NylonSuitable for all board types To be used with indicator bolts. T950 for open in doors T951 for open out doors Wood Screws Supplied..
Ex Tax:£2.00
U-Shaped Cubicle Keep to be used in conjunction with the Cubicle Indicator bolt on "open out" or flush fitting doors. This keep comes supplied with the necessary fixings and is suitable for use on 13mm or 20mm boardToilet Cubical U Shaped Keep Finish : SSS, PSS Suitable for 13mm and 20mm ..
Ex Tax:£5.84
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