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Disabled Turn and Release, Tubular Dead Bolt with 5mm Follower

Brand: Eurospec
Disabled turn and releaseFinish: Satin Stainless Steel Grade 316 Solid Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Rose Rust Proof Fire Resistant Comply with British Standard (BS EN 1906 2001) Comply with European Standard (BS EN 1634-1 2000) Suitable for Disable Peoples 25 years Mechanism G..
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Brand: Eurospec
Easy-T Tubular Bathroom Dead BoltFinish: Satin and Brass plates supplied with bolt Size: 76mm, 102mm and 127mmOPTIONS:TLD5030 EB SSS 76mm with 5mm Follower TLD5040 EB SSS 102mm with 5mm Follower TLD5050 EB SSS 127mm with 5mm Follower..
Ex Tax:£8.29
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